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I think blade and soul has it's fair share of flaws and strengths, but it's better to be informed before dishing out verdicts.For the other points it mostly comes down to personal preference.

A blade and soul player opinion about Closed Beta 2

- Dungeons: unique items are not sellable. no reason to redo dungeons after all items acquired. cosmetics questionable.


- Bidding: rewards premium/ncoin players at the expense of everyone else. slows dungeon runs while players bid for 2-3 minutes. enormous waste of time. loot is ignored by players for this purpose (left uncollected).


- Crafting: time-gated nonsense. don't mind waiting for a delivery, but having to craft items in small batches is beyond reasonable.


- Loot: junk loot used to evolve should convert to a unified resource via salvage. streamlines market, inventory and progression.


- Evolution: breakthrough items prevent progression, due to RNG chests or when being outbid.


- Gameguard: tampers with system processes (antivirus, intel rst). does not prevent botting, only prevents keybinding fixes with autohotkey.


- Monetization: nobody intelligent is going to pay 200$ for premium, plus costumes/consumables on top of that. they will simply uninstall due to not enough value for money.


- Doboks: lack dye system/customization.


- keybindings: unplayable. only WASD/default are usable. mouse, shift, ctrl, alt are unbindable. numpad breaks on sprint.


- User interface: some elements are bloated, or not resizable: party, hp bar, effect monitor. market is bloated.


- Combat: feels like a generic hack-n-slash (d3, gw2, tera, wow), not like guild wars 1. just a bunch of 'DPS classes'/CC wailing on a target.


- Story: dialogue is bland/unoriginal, quest descriptions are generic. many are cliche to the point of being nauseating. immersion fail: no asian accents.


Verdict: 4/10 for being a generic cash shop grind fest skill spammer mmo with broken keybindings.


His right on some points but for some I feel like you should do a little more research beforehand:


- Dungeons: Some dungeons drop crafting/upgrade materials, hence the reason to redo them. You can also receive achievements for completing a dungeon a certain number of times or killing the final boss in under X minutes.

- Bidding: Yes, it is time consuming. Premium/NCoin aren't the only ways of making money in the game. After a server's economy settles, most bids will be made by those who are new to that specific dungeon and need certain weapons for upgrades. Overall i feel like this system is fair compared to the others. You might not win a bid but you get money instead.

- Crafting: Having the option to craft in batches would make certain crafted items less valuable because the would be easier to obtain in bulk. It would affect the server economy and crafting would no longer be appealing as a source of income.

- Loot: Salvaging higher level trash loot does give element pieces (i forget what they're called) which can be used to transmute into an evolution element/gem to be used to weapon/accessory upgrades. Low level too just gives broken pieces though.

- Evolution: You make a valid point but then again without needing a certain weapon for breakthrough, some dungeons would probably be empty.

- Gameguard: Agree, it should be removed.

- Monetization: Depends on who's paying. I've heard a lot of people say they'd gladly pay for costumes/consumables and wardrobe. I don't think people will uninstall the game just because of this reason.

I think blade and soul has it's fair share of flaws and strengths, but it's better to be informed before dishing out verdicts.For the other points it mostly comes down to personal preference.

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