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And thus BnS needs an income. As most MMORPG's out there first source of income is cosmetics.

Arguments about Blade & Soul PvE

The rest of arguments about PvE, this has been discussed several times, people download an "MMORPG", and expect to be dropped in a 6v6 map equalized, fully equipped with skills and whatnot, and apparently that's called "fun". Well this is not Overwatch, nor is it Counter Strike GO, I know lots of you have gotten used to the mindless shooting/killing each other all day long. Its fun for a while but it gets boring and repetitive real quick. And that's why BnS tries to have a bit of diversity in this area, by including a fairly cohesive story line, PvE content, some basic MMORPG style quests, and of course the long awaited 1v1 mindless butt kicking. However don't expect to have everything from the start, everything handed to you on a silver platter, because you are a PvP king (or so you led yourself to believe). 

The games that support such an endeavor are supported financially otherwise, and the whole structure and server infrastructure differs from a "MMORPG". For example in CS:GO you do not have to login, you can have a new name every day, and still be able to kill anyone. Plus the servers are hosted on your own machine at your own expense with your own bandwidth, thus generating a revenue from you is not required, but the 1 time fee for the game. Many if not all FPS MMO's do this, including Warframe, which seamlessly makes you host a map without you knowing it, until everyone starts complaining about lag when you download your favorite porn. 


And thus BnS needs an income. As most MMORPG's out there first source of income is cosmetics. Everyone wants to be sexy, or see a sexy char when they login, wearing the best, and of course there are the true enthusiasts and collectors who just simply need all of them. Kinda like a pokemon "gotta catch em' all". However this is by far not enough to run a server that can host thousands of players at once, thus multiple events and "p2w" boxes (as you would define it) needs to be added in game. However you can't just hand people free stuff because they pay for it (even tho they paid for it) because that would generate a huge uproar, thus it's related to your luck. And to close up the gap between someone who pays and someone who just complains, they also make these "p2w" items available to f2p players as well even in lower amounts (to give you an incentive to actually try and buy something online once in your life, especially if you live in a rich country). And before you bash on me that I am a p2w player, I myself do not have money right now to buy all the Summer Chests to finally get those gems, I guess I'll just wait till the next event when they will be available. And sooner or later they will be.


And to move on to ranged, I have an FM, not only do I tank everything in every single dungeon that go into and end up with melees and people with equal or lower gear, but I also save them most of the time from danger. Yet in the end I get yelled at if by any chance I miss 1 second or a skill, or I just did not save you from that hit that you could have just used your own iFrame for, because melees are meek prey and they need to be protected and cherished as ranged are so OP omg! Yes the game could do more when it comes to melee, but what exactly? Increase your damage? That would be fatal in PvP, I mean I literally have a real hard time against all melees as a ranged FM, and unless by some miracle I get low ping and memorize second by second my combo, 1 mistake can lead to certain death. Not to mention the perma stealth Sins that laugh at me as I die trying to find them, or the constantly stunning and never ending TAB of BD and Destro, or the constantly blocking/countering/healing HM skill of BM, or the constantly blocking and countering of KFM + the unlimited stun daze knockdown, and the list could go on. So if the game would do something for you, it would pretty much end up badly for ranged people. And just because you love swinging around a sword comparing it your, doesn't mean everyone else has to be a melee. Regardless many melees survived just fine both on my server, in the clans I ever visited, and the only complaints came from already low geared low AP people who wouldn't have gotten much loot or credit anyways even if they were ranged.


And a bit of history of melee and ranged, I can safely say in every single MMORPG I played so far, Ranged always out damaged melee, and ranged always had some kind of advantage when it came to mobs damaging them, but they were always crippled in PvP. Archer almost in all cases relies on high DPS and Crit, Mage characters (FM in this case) always had high DPS with high mana consumption, but much lower hp/defense then any melee.


Wew took some time to write this, and I am pretty sure I forgot half by time I got here of what I wanted to say to you. But at least you got 1 or 2 points right, which is the game is far from fun if you have no friends/clan/active faction, the game can and will get you depressed every time you look at the rewards you get and the amount you need to upgrade, and although I was against server linking at first, I guess I can sacrifice my 400g a day in a quiet dead server, for a lively full of people one where if nothing else I can have a chat and a good laugh.


And to add something about WL's, not only they are not OP, they are straight bellow FM's when it comes to PVP, OWPVP or not. You probably met WL's that were years above you in gear, and of course those can 1 shot you, but just because their damage is high, it doesn't mean they can do it forever, or that they can escape forever, or that they can't be killed. 

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