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Smart but greedy. MMO's make plenty on sub fees, and most the people I know that still play are premium or SE asian blade & soul gold sellers (they can feed their family for what they sell, so I stopped caring as much).

Blade and Soul Gems Discussion

When will flawless hexagonal gems be available through ACTUAL content and not just events? I think there are many of us who are considering waiting to play (quitting) until more things like this hit the general content. I want to break 700 ap,but my RNG from your events is atrocious, so I would like to use the trade system, blade and soul gold for gems. When will this be possible? - A concerned Junghadian. Also are there plans to release more radiant energies, because at 40g a pop, we are talking 1200g just to transmute one blue hepta gem..

I know how they work. I am saying it is causing people to quit the game because they cap other gear and the gems seem inaccessible atm. I have seen many clannies quit recently (ones who have been on since launch) because they are tired of speed at which stuff comes out, the events, and the fact that some things are just not available without lots of cash or a lotta luck. My RNG on this game is horrible  (2/21 on PSTS). Make gems available through dungeons, or lose a lotta people to ensure the integrity of the events and the profit. People feel cheated. Make it right.


I have dumped thousands of bns gold into events and have only received 2 sapphires and 1 (non account bound!!) Peridot. No Ruby, No amethyst, no aqua, no citrine, 3 gems, thousands of bns gold, and one was a repeat.. What is the incentive to keep trying?


It's not a cow tho, it's a dying calf. They are losing their business with the current model. NA players will not stick around through this crap. They are using capitalism against us and it's quite disgusting and disrespectful. 


Maybe they can add bonus gems once a month for premium members so they take out some of the RNG. Just let us select one a month. No event, nothing, just a reward for being a loyal customer, if they value us at all.


So they do NOT like money? Idk. seems to me that they would make more keeping people playing than taxing those that refuse to quit. Maybe they need a new business manager.

And I heard TW, hexa gem boxes drop from mushin 8.2, so it is NOT the same elsewhere


Grim my server doesnt do blackwyrm because we dont have the people because they all quit for various reasons. I dont think you have the right to judge why someone would quit a game. its not the gems. its the imbalance of fairness. pay to advance sure, not pay for exclusive items that are basically not accessible otherwise is a toxic model. If you don't agree with that then we just need to stop talking sir. If you like being cheated, then by all means, continue this argument. I'm all ears.

A grinder who spends 8+ hrs a day on this game an 12$ a month should have access to the same items as someone who plays 2hrs a day an invests money. There should be a balance attained, to protect both parties involved


Smart but greedy. MMO's make plenty on sub fees, and most the people I know that still play are premium or SE asian blade & soul gold sellers (they can feed their family for what they sell, so I stopped caring as much). And these events were released with much larger gaps on other servers, so there was time to farm the blade and soul gold to participate, as well as not feel like you have to drop 200$ every 4 weeks just to have the nicest stuff. It's just frustrating. It's a frustration that can be worked around easily too.


With the speed at which events come, and overlap, our hong rate never has a chance to recover, making things like bag space ridiculously expensive now as well (around 100g/23 dragon bags). The daily pouch thing helped for abit but then they released the summer chest with no warning. Immediately hong dropped 2 full points to 6 for awhile. I don't mind the rng as an OPTION, but make a non rng version available with things like gems. The peridot from hongtraining tickets was nice, but its bound to my alt because every other hg gem says account bound and I figured it was just a typo. I was raising my sin so I opened on her because I was doing more dailys on her at the time. It's just little stuff like this that is easy to NOT overlook. They are a big company.


I realize im near 700 ap. I make over 300g a day usually np, that's the problem. I have nothing left to do cept get these gems that I cannot. Why should I stay/pay for sub fee? Should I just come back in 3 months? Idk.. It's just frustrating the rng in this game. Friends are like 2/6 2/8 6/8, and I am 2/21 on PSTS. 30% chance.. I know my sample size is relatively "small" as far as rng is concerned but it is a tad ridiculous to lose 2500g trying to make psts and not be able to get gems from events reliably.

Ive rolled 10 summer chest a day so far and nothing (not getting my hopes up). I have seen 150 box and no gem, so I am not sure. Seems to me they could up the drop rate an still make bank np. People need 9 of these gems to make good gems and over 1kg per hepta to upgrade anyway. Looks just like greed to me.


I got a 2nd sapphire, no ruby and my peridot is bound to my sin. Tell me what am I supposed to like? And no, it's a viable complaint because there are a lot of people in my shoes, nowhere to upgrade, waiting on new content, just hold gold for each event hoping that RNG blesses them. What's the fun in this? Basically you are ok with RNG deciding how your game goes, not hard work or anything like that. There is no balance here.


Yes I do actually. Because those that spend 100s of dollars are buying 6 hours a day by just playing a couple and dumping money into the game. Time=money. You don't have to make items nearly money exclusive to make cash. a couple hundred dollars a month =/= 6hrs a day of work. Value the grinders time too.. Just as valuable as those dumping money at you, because the grinder stays longer, keeps more people around than the single person who spends a few hundred a month. It's a community issue. The RNG causes a rift. 


I guess if they didn't cap events for hong, it would even out, regardless of how low hong/gold goes, because the bns gold farmer can actually participate at a reasonable competitve level. 


Even at 10$ an hour, 6hs x 30 days a monthis 1800$. I'm not saying they should pay out wages or anything, I just think that value of time should be rewarded better. 

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