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Hours and hours i spend in labirinth i couldnt finish couse of ppl in pt 45 hm 1 he had 32o AP but he enter sugestions for Blade And Soul


I hope so this will read any of Game GM.

I am playing BnS from opening like free player

I have Assasin 45 hm5 and this is only class i play from begining


Now i will mak a list of things i personely hate on this game



- Game become lagy affter couple match

- Game have to much ppl who enter and stay AFK (tag mach)

-Game have to much ppl who use other programs,(bot, hack, script etc)

- Game have horible match making ( Tag, 3 summ = 6 against 3 for exem)

 this is for now about arena




Game is preaty good story, grafic but lvl restriction is bad

For exem.  45 lvl you need for all dungeons also for gear too

this is bad becouse many off ppl who enter Labirinth need pt with 370 + AP if wana finish labirinth

Hours and hours i spend in labirinth i couldnt finish couse of ppl in pt 45 hm 1 he had 32o AP but he enter





- About lag i dont know, but or GMs make program for all players or make AUTO PVP option like in other games

and about mach making it will be perfect if you make party with only one class per pt, exem( Summ,sin, dess-  KFM, fm, BD) 



I think many ppl will agree with me 

Tower entry with 45 hm 3

Labirinth 45 hm 5 or 4

and LvL difference is bad lvl 45 hm 1 and 45 hm5 almost have no diference, only HM 5 need more time to achive that lvl


This is all i have to wrote this time, and i hope so this will help.

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