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Without the cat you might as well just rename the class to "Druid" because that is what it basically becomes.

BnS Summoners Got Nerfed

"Remove the cat", "Remove the stealth", "longer cd on skills", etc. I cannot even begin to understand why some people have begun to come up with some absurd suggestions like this. First and foremost the first one is about as pathetic as you can get. Remove the cat? The class is called a Summoner for a reason meaning that the class will more or less have a summon that follows it around. Without the cat you might as well just rename the class to "Druid" because that is what it basically becomes. 


On another side note, this behavior to the class has really gotten out of hand as of late, the summoner has been nerfed over the last three patches and people still cannot handle it? After observing many different posts it seems that people have one hell of an issue with placement because the cat is always in the way. Its annoying? Its unfair? Its broken? Well so is hundreds of other things in this game, but what fun would a game be if it was linear and predictable. Its a cat, not an iron fortress just deal with it and move on.


BnS Summoners Got Nerfed


The next thing I would like to cover really quickly is simple: What if your class was nerfed three times over the last three patches what would you be doing right now? My guess is whining on the forums about how they are being unfair and there is a group of people screaming to nerf your class further, would you not be mad at them because you deem it balanced? Everyone believes that their own class is balanced and fails to see that each class has their own cheese mechanic. I could sit here and list them all from Destroyer's spin down to Soul Fighter's insane amount of iframes. At the end of the day, who really cares about it? Deal with it. The people in KR have no problems fighting the classes and they have their incredible high end gear with elemental damage. Learn your class better because I don't think anyone has the audacity to say that they have perfectly learned to play their class because that is a lie.


An MMO is a learning experience and learning to fight each one of the classes is just the same. Learn their strengths, learn their weaknesses and predict their movements. The summoner has had stealth since beta, but not much has changed about it. 


Dandellion stays out for 4 seconds and has the ability to go into enhanced  dandellion. Enhanced is out for 1 sec and can counter any attack. Normal dandellion puts them into stealth for six seconds but they can only use Flying Nettles without breaking it or cat abilities. It has an 8 sec cooldown for the left tree and 12 for the right. It does not take rocket science to look up the class and learn their abilities. If people put half the time they spend whining into research NA people might be able to reach the same skill level as KR.


As a finishing note, yes I do play Summoner and I really don't care about what people have to say about the class. Its a fun class, very helpful in PvE and decent enough in PvP. If you want to whine about it being overpowered please do it somewhere else because this going on since 45 cap is old and tiring and people need to drop it. We cannot win every battle and we cannot expect to never lose, that is a fact of life. Move on and find their weakness and go from there because every class has the ability to defeat any other class. The problem isn't the class, its the skill of the player.

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