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Besides rank, which will be showed off in chat in the normal world for Blade & Soul gold and above, you also win celestial beans from fights which can be used to buy a lot of useful things like soulstones which are a crafting/upgrade material needed for nearly everything at endgame.

Do I even want to play Blade & Soul?

So I got invited in to the beta starting today. OFC I'm going to try the game out. (Why not its been over hyped for an eternity. And I <3 Lineage(2).)


1. Does this game have good or meaningful/elitist style PvP like NC Soft games that did great?


2. The only videos I have seen look INCREDIBLY boring. What's all the hype about is the combat super active or something? (Tera had awesome combat the PvP was great low/mid levels before I was forced in to group play. and all its vidoes look horrible/slow/boring as well. So I wont judge based on that.)

I haven't dug to deep in to it, but I saw a couple arena fights looked decent. Then I saw some pve? just running around 1 shotting everything?? (I don't need to play an F2P Game, and have had a hard time getting in to or taking any MMORPG's serious since the death of World PvP with the release of Burning Crusade. Yes I played WoW when lineage was dying. It started out great, was a hard game, revolutionary, etc. etc.)


3. Is the player base really this stupid. I come to the forums expecting to see general QQ threads and this and that giving me some insight in to the depth of the game. 90% of the post are "I can't log in."


What? Do I even want to play an online game with people who 'can't log in'. How did you even manage to put in your beta key, how did you even remember your email-password? Are you even able to type or do you have to studder to your computer program that spells everything out for you.


Ok no seriously...How can you even see your Product Key to get in to the beta, without noticing the bold letters above it in your email saying when the beta is available.


zzzzzzzzzz I already feel like this is going to be some over-hype anime nerd nonsense that people clung to just because OMG I Logged ON THE KOREAN VERSION LEET SKILLZ BEST GAME I EVar PLAYED SO TITE.


Uhh Someone tell me that not the case? What does this game have that's going to stop it from being a ghost town within a month of actual release, filled with nothing but Blade & Soul gold selling multi-boxers with no client base because the game is to easy to need do to any of that. (*Cough F2PLineage*)


A Blade & Soul player idea:


1. Yea, PvP in arena is pretty fun and meaningful. Besides rank, which will be showed off in chat in the normal world for Blade & Soul gold and above, you also win celestial beans from fights which can be used to buy a lot of useful things like soulstones which are a crafting/upgrade material needed for nearly everything at endgame.


2. Your videos must have been Open World PvE, at the moment we barely have any content and once you get the hang of your class none of it will be too difficult. On release though we will be getting 2 "real" dungeons (aka harder ones) and they plan to release content very quickly. PvP on the other hand is so hyped because:

a) All stats are balanced so it just comes down to 100% skill and knowledge. You may hear a lot of players complaining in game saying its not balanced but they're just making excuses, its true that we do not have the legendary skills that a lot of classes need but you can still win 99% of fights if you just learn about your class and how to counter other classes.


b ) Its so fast paced. If you go watch some of the PvP from the 2015 worlds you'll see what I mean (just search the youtube account "plaync"). Also, videos really won't give you the full experience, the PvP will be x10 better when you're actually playing it yourself when you get the hang of your class.


3. No, not really. As you must know a lot of games have those type of players (the ones who never read anything and just go post as they please and then complain if no one responds), we get those "cant log in" or "SERVER IS DOWN" threads EVERY SINGLE WEEK before beta starts. Besides them everyone else is pretty normal.


***Also just some tips so you get the best experience

1. Don't PvP a lot until you hit 45 (the max) it'll only take 1-2 days and it'll be a lot more fun when you have all the skill points. At level 30 you get some quests to try out PvP in the arena and again at 36 and you can go do those since they'll give you nearly 2 Blade & Soul gold total, but if you are losing a lot after you finish the quests then just leave and go level.


2. Once you decide on a class go look up some guides for the class you are using so you can master it faster. Google, youtube, bladeandsouldojo all have plenty of guides, just MAKE SURE you search for at least 2 guides and compare them incase one person has no idea what they are talking about. 

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