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My first and most important question is, with this game being located in Korea (? I think that's where it's from) will my Satellite Internet screw with the game to the point that it's unplayable?

Shur if the class is that dependent on CC's for PvE

First, to the people that might tell me to go find another game to play(or just being rude): I've already decided to play the game.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and ask a few questions. I'm not currently playing the game because my Satellite Internet only allows me to Upload/Download around 20 Gig a month and I the expansion that is supposed to come out next month is very big, I might have to wait till July to Finnish downloading everything.


My first and most important question is, with this game being located in Korea (? I think that's where it's from) will my Satellite Internet screw with the game to the point that it's unplayable?


Usually run between 700-1,400ms latency and I really don't know how multi-country games work when I'm in the country that does NOT have the game located their. I'm planning on just making a toon as Free-to-play(dislike all FtP btw), to see if the game is viable for me once i download the game(Will Sub if it is). And yes, i know all about Latency and Ping. Learned a lot about it playing the Endgame for  'Star Wars: The Old Republic', Even managed not to suck in Hard Mode Operations, Nightmare Op's i could never do though, and PvP was manageable, but a pain in my backside... damn sins.


I looked over the classes and think I'll play the Destroyer class as it has the simplest rotation and a but load of CC's. One thing though, with my latency issues would it be ill advised to play the this class as I might just miss with my CC's? Not shur if the class is that dependent on CC's for PvE.


From reading the Forums for this game at work I already know a few things what NOT to do.

I know not to place a bit on something and leave the instance(never played a game with a bidding system for loot before), and know that I should input my bid manually, I even have Teffy's reply in the forums talking about where to get loot/soulshields bookmarked. Looking for more posts for mat's too. Learned that I'm gonna need a LOT of Gold &/or a LOT of mats for gear :)


Anyway, I like a good story and even enjoy the Wardrobe Wars and this game has both to my liking.

One question on the Wardrobe: I've noticed a lot of people talking about Outfits. I'm assuming these are 1 item that gives a full complete look? or can you Mix and Match pieces? I like making mostly unique looks for my toons and make shur they all look different.


I think their was a few other things i wanted to ask/mention but i can't think of them at the moment, so guess that's it.

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Many of these world bosses either have too low HP, or the damage requirement is too high, never the less, it been a long while since I got a loot or credit for anything in both SSplains and Harvest


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This should be also carry account-bound stuffs, such as Valor stones, Naryu Tablets, Flower of Lament... These items will be accessible by every character in the account, as long as they're in the same server


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Tweaks to the settings in BnS make it possible to replicate to some degree what BnS would be like on consoles because of the limits the consoles have or probably would.a max of 60fps and a resolution between 720p and 1080p are the most obvious


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Smart but greedy. MMO's make plenty on sub fees, and most the people I know that still play are premium or SE asian blade & soul gold sellers (they can feed their family for what they sell, so I stopped caring as much).


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The best source of soulstones is SSP, and good luck doing it without PvE gear. The fact that an opposing faction is allowed to intervene is very minor


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Besides rank, which will be showed off in chat in the normal world for Blade & Soul gold and above, you also win celestial beans from fights which can be used to buy a lot of useful things like soulstones which are a crafting/upgrade material needed for nearly everything at endgame.

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