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It might be fun to try to do some dungeon with lower gear with friends until you succeed

Some Discussions of Blade And Soul

1. they are definitely less players now. Misty woods, mushin tower, poh 24, bsh 24, used to have 10+ channels at once. Now it's 1 channel used, and you have a second one if you want to play alone.....on every zone. Some places are more deserted than others. Is the game dying? who cares. You can still meet people.


2. this game has almost no rng. Play vindictus or black desert to see rng at it's finest. ( enchanting to progress with x% chance to actually get weaker than you started)


Some Discussions of Blade And Soul


3. My alt just made 50 yesterday. I'm sitting at 400 AP without doing any dungeons. I'm not sure how much I invested in the alt. It wasn't more than 50 gold, and I already made that back. The money was from doing the quests and main story which I'm not even finished.

It's safe to assume that anyone under 450 AP is a total newbie who can't wipe his own ass. You can make ~20 gold per day in ~2 hours, playing solo. Add blue dungeons (which are easy for 400 AP) and you can have 500 AP within 2 weeks without doing purple dungeons. (chromatic weapon chest drop in blue dungeons and you get 1, 100%)


yes, my first yeti was on a 500 AP character and i'm doing the same for my alt. If you press P, you can also see recommended dungeons and where is your gear at.

Maybe you don't need 500 AP for Yeti, or 600 for Asura, but you aren't playing this game alone. I'm pretty sure you can hunt tigers with bow and arrow. But if everyone has or can get machine gun, who would? It's just stupid.


People that require 600+ AP for level 45 dungeons, or easy dungeons, are overreacting. But they aren't hurting anybody. The people that are worse are those who go under geared to a dungeon and don't say anything. One wrong stun, can waste you 10-30 min of your life. They don't even bother to watch a video, or read a guide.


It might be fun to try to do some dungeon with lower gear with friends until you succeed, but everyone in the party should know that. They aren't your friends if you don't even talk with them. Some might not even have the time. I have a job, and I don't. I expect that people would at least try to gear themselves, but they don't.


If you are solo, you shouln't rush your progress. If you have a  party with 3 other friends. Go ahead, do every dungeons with 300 AP, you aren't hurting anyone.


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A Blade And Soul player's Open Letter to NCSoft

I understand free to play MMOs will always have bots. That's just the nature of the beast. And I'm sure you guys (NCSoft) are doing your absolute best to combat this, but I honestly don't see this game living for another month if this bot problem persists


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Blade and Soul Money - a real Problem while leveling

and seems to be a MASSIVE problem in Blade and Soul, and that is Cash. Nothing gives you Blade & Soul gold, like almost nothing awards you any substantial amounts of cash.


The truth behind the Blade And Soul Summoner hate

You probably answered to most of the questions with a yes and are genuinely mad about one of the 7 classes. If not you probably dont have a lot of trouble with the game or PvP and dont need to continue to read

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