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Well here I am, thanks to Blade & Soul's wonderful support team,"While we here at Support love hearing from you, the best place to get your feedback heard by the Devs is on the forums.

Some Words to Blade And Soul Dev Team

Well here I am, thanks to Blade & Soul's wonderful support team,"While we here at Support love hearing from you, the best place to get your feedback heard by the Devs is on the forums. Which I've linked for you below."


As you can see I was informed to post here, all of my suggestions for Blade & Soul, though I do not know what the Devs are, I hope this is seen.


I have spent my fair share of time on Blade & Soul and have enjoyed it, however I cannot deny the fact, a lot of the ingame features could use some improving 

Below is a list of what I feel could really use improving.


1. Market place: The market is great for buying and selling, though the search bar is the only fast way to browse, flipping page by page when using the arrows is slow. Higher level players may find this of a more inconvenience than most.


2.Chat system: The chat system isn't the worst though it could use improvement, for example when I whisper someone and someone else whispers me it automatically changes which person I am about to send a message to, this is highly inconvenient.


Some Words to Blade And Soul Dev Team


3.Hongmoon Store: The Hongmoon store in my opinion needs to be expanded greatly, outfits weapon skins, these things are essential in most mmo, as they offer a way to customize the look and feel of your Blade & Soul experience and separate you from the majority of the community, some of the outfits displayed are excluded from some characters and some of the best outfits no longer exist. I would like it if some of the outfits come back as permanent additions to the Hongmoon store.


The weapon skins, these are just terrible, a lot of these weapon skins people may see are funny or just for fun, however I see me buying a skin that brings a few laughs or smiles the first day and the next day it is just old, though you have just thrown away real cash for something that you no longer are enjoying, there is no way to save it for a later day when you feel it is time to break out again.


It is a waste of money, we could use some more exciting,cool,epic weapon skins that people as well as myself, would really like to call our own, realistically I would like to see an arsenal of weapon skins in the hongmoon store, I want variety and a reason to spend my money also while feeling as though that money was spent well since weapon skins aren't stored like outfits.


When I am ingame browsing the market place for a great weapon skin I feel it is lacking, most of the best weapon styles come from just upgrading the Hongmoon weapon itself, a lot of games out there do it right when it comes to customizing your weapon, though It is not fair of me to compare this game with another game. I still feel a lot can be learned from the way another company sells their game, customization plays a pretty big roll in the over all player experience when ingame, It gives them reason to come back with the same desire to play as they once had when they started the game.


These are only a few of the many suggestions I have for Blade & Soul though I feel no need to list everything as I have little faith that these ideals will make it anywhere, for years I've shared my Ideas over various games I've played only 2 of them have given them thought and put them into action. I wont be heart broken if these aren't given thought and will still remain a player in Blade & Soul.


I will not be returning to this forum to share other thoughts as I would rather spend that time ingame, though I will remain hopeful that these ideas are seen and if not come to light, at the least spark new ideas that make all of our player experiences more convenient, as well as more entertaining.

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Some Words to BnS Developer

This is a Yes or No question, and as much as I would love and appreciate your well thought out response to this question, I just want an HONEST yes or no.

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