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You probably answered to most of the questions with a yes and are genuinely mad about one of the 7 classes. If not you probably dont have a lot of trouble with the game or PvP and dont need to continue to read

The truth behind the Blade And Soul Summoner hate

Before we proceed, you need to answer a few questions first:

1. Is there a class you hate?

2. Is there really a reason to hate the class?

3. Do you think the class is overpowered or makes the game unfair, unbalanced or even unplayable?

4. Did you lose to the hated class?

5. Do you think hating the class will make your game experience better?


Good day, BnS player. I am making this site post, to explain both sides of the hate towards summoners and other classes.


You probably answered to most of the questions with a yes and are genuinely mad about one of the 7 classes. If not you probably dont have a lot of trouble with the game or PvP and dont need to continue to read. Let me get things clear first: I AM NOT A SUMMONER. I personaly dont enjoy the playstyle and dedicated myself to KFM, BD and FM. I as a player have encountered all the classes in PvP and got my ass kicked by all of them and won against every class too.


In my opinion there is no unbalanced class. Why? Because you can beat everything with skill. But what is my problem then?


My problem is, that nevertheless, there are things that SEEM UNFAIR and these things are the reason why some classes get hated.


Is the hate justified? YES. You can hate all classes, go ahead. Hating is not a problem. I hate Assassins, Summoners, BDs, Destroyers, KFMs, FMs, hell I hate every class. But thats okay. 


But what is not okay, is the fact that people claim classes op and want nerfs only because they hate the class. Stop it. It is annoying and you wouldnt stop anyway, one class gets nerfed, then another class is op and gets hate. Just stop and play the *cricket* game or dont.


In this thread, I will show you the reasons for all the crying as someone who played the op classes and the not so op classes and played with every class against everything. So lets begin and to make things easier to understand I will take the summoner as example, because it is the most hated class and because I sparred countless times with one of my friends who is a summoner:


1- YOU LOST. If you wouldnt have lost, you wouldnt have complained. And now you feel humiliated, your ego is hurt, your butt is hurt and you try everything to make your hurt go away. What is the easiest way? "The class i played against is op." That is wrong. You just lost against someone who was better and that is what happened. If you played against your class and got absolutely dumpstered, you would have felt hurt too, because someone just showed you how bad you are at the game and it felt unfair, because you couldnt do anything or YOU THINK THAT YOU COULDNT DO ANYTHING. You could if you were better, so "git gud" how they all say. It is the truth, just get better at the game. Only because you got smashed by a cat, your ego got hurt? Grow up man.


2- You feel like you couldnt do anything. I mentioned this already, but think about it before claiming the class op only because the enemy player was better. If you REALLY couldnt do anything, how does every player have losses? You could do something but you are just too bad to do it. Git. Gud.


3- SKILL FLOOR. Okay this is a valid reason to hate a class and I do the same. We complain because the enemy had it too easy or their class has a kit that seems so good that the enemy could win without even playing. Yes, this is the truth, but guess what, EVERY CLASS HAS THAT. BDs just smash Tab, Destroyer just stunlocks you forever, KFMs have a kit to counter EVERYTHING, Assassins make you unable to do anything, and Summoners are basically 2v1 and so on...


What I am trying to say is, yes there are classes that take less effort, yes it is annoying, yes it is a reason to hate, yes it FEELS unfair. But it was your decision to play something HARD TO PLAY like FM or BM or KFM. Stop crying and git gud or dont play the game at all. All classes have the kit to completly wreck their oponent, it is just the player who is missing the skill to do it. YOU ARE BAD. For example, you could learn self defense and know how to disarm someone with a gun, or you just buy a gun and point it at someone. Both scenarios can lose, but one scenario takes a lot less effort than the other. Still, the player who picks Summoner may take the easy way, which is totally okay, but he still is trash at any other class + he wont be better than someone who is better at summoner than him. In the end, the player who spends more time practicing will more likely win.


4- Another thing I see often is: "OMG SUMMONER OP, THEY CAN HEAL, TANK AND DPS. OP OP OP. PLs NERF." Lmao, every class can do all these things at once if you use your talent points. 


5- MISSPLAYS. Everyone missplays but, this is probably the reason you feel the most butthurt. You are bad, you hit the dandelion of the summoner, they go invisible and you complain about them having such an "op skill" and not about yourself being the dumbass you are and hitting the dandelion. It is retarded how people think that summoners are op for their stealth and BMs not for their insane defense and offense, KFMs not for their absolutely horrific counter kit, FMs not for their "Just freeze and die". Guess what, you can outplay anyone with any class. GIT GUD.


You think Summoners are op for their skills? Look at your own class you blind fish. 

But one thing I have to admit is, Summoners have at lower elo a lot less need of the player focusing at the game to win, this is true. They can do mistakes and get less punishment for it due to the enemy player being unaware of the mistakes they do and punishing them or just them being unaware of their capabilities. But they will still lose if they dont focus and let their cat die for nothing. And in higher elo, the amount of attention you have to pay, to keep both your cat and you alive is tremendous and definitely not easy anymore. It gets hard for everyone the higher you go in rank.


That's all, folks. Stop hating in chat and forum and get good. Everyone can do it, with every class. Dont expect you will always win. You wont, I promise. No matter against what class, not even your own. Nothing in this game is unfair. If you think something is unfair, you are just too bad to outplay it. SO GIT GUD.


Any class can beat any class, however, some classes just have more favorable match-ups than others.


You can't tell me that a Summoner has equal or less favorable match-ups than say, a BM would. I have seen girl streamers with very little knowledge of the game and other classes, yet still go on to get Blade And Soul Gold in very few games played.


A BM, on the other hand, has to have more knowledge of self, and at least a basic understanding of how other classes work in order to get BNS Gold. It can take them much longer because of this, and also because the 3 most popular classes being played, just to happen to be your 3 worst match-ups in the game (Summoner, Destroyer, Blade Dancer).


This lack of balance would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that PvP rewards, the soulstone pouches in particular, are tiered according to your rank in arena. The higher ranked player gets more Soulstones, makes more money, and has an easier time going about getting the rewards. You have to play harder with certain classes, to get less rewards than someone else putting in a fraction of the effort you're putting in.

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