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Transfers are also going to take a lot of time, given the volume of people on the high pop servers, the manual method that's being used to transfer the store-bought items only, etc..

Things that need to be done for this blade and soul to live

Here's a quick summation of the launch so far:


Name Reservations - Everyone picked their names. NC Soft knew Mushin was crowded & Mushin really needed to be balanced.At this point, they should have locked creation on Mushin so people could plan accordingly BEFORE getting stuck in queues.Didn't happen.

* SO *

Headstart - Most players can't log in due to Mushin queues.I would say (just an estimate) about half of those players crash or disconnect for some reason (ASUS programs interfering with latency, RazerChromaSDK messing with GameGuard, or crashing from cutscenes).Players get mad, but try to stick it out.To help remedy this, NC does "rotating server Character creation blocks".. The problem with this -- Everyone is on one server.Blocking creation on that server the second day of head start is useless, everyone has already made their character there.Queues are exactly the same.Beyond that, the following day, the other servers which are empty (comparatively) get locked and the players who might have wanted to move to them cannot.


Next up, a new patch is pushed out that prevents ANYONE on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 from opening the game client, period.This was fixed somewhat quickly, however the same issue with that patch happened in Korea, so why push it out in NA without a fix implemented?


Transfers.While it's nice to get a refund of the items bought / used on the character, the wasted 2 days (out of the 3-day headstart) are already making players upset.On top of that, leveling and questing must all be accomplished again, and all the dungeon farming for the loot (some of the rare stuff like class necklaces lost, etc.will be gone).Also, the community is struggling between breaking up their guilds as some are leaving and some are staying, or waiting forever to play the game.Transfers are also going to take a lot of time, given the volume of people on the high pop servers, the manual method that's being used to transfer the store-bought items only, etc..


Not making this server to complain or *cricket*, I know there's plenty of that going on elsewhere.And of course, I do appreciate the attempts to 'fix' the launch issues from you guys at NC.But a little bit of forethought would go a long way.


Which brings me to the point of this post:Possible solutions.


1:The worst idea I've had yet:Remove queues entirely and let the servers be flooded and become extremely laggy.  At least the complaining will be directed elsewhere.


2: Somewhere in the middle:Level players who are transferring to the same level and update their quest logs, copy over (at the very least) the Hongmoon gear & stages.


3: Best idea overall: Extend Headstart by 2 days.Players trying to play for headstart have easily lost this time, given the lack of *proper* action to the Headstart problems.Since transfers don't apply levels, this will give players the time they need to swap servers and relevel, redo the quests, and farm the gear they spent 2 days trying to get.It will also allow time for players to spread themself PROPERLY among the remaining -mostly dead- servers.Guilds will be able to move all together, relevel together and play as one.Also, this will give everyone on the other servers a greater appreciation for their head-start purchase since they will not be rerolling, and will have more time to hit level 45, farm up dungeons, etc, without worrying about the freebie wave of bots that will inevitably be coming in on the 19th.


- The cons of this:The people who didn't purchase a Founders pack won't be able to play for 2 days.However, they will be able to play when it comes out, instead of also trying to cram their characters into Mushin which will probably jump to a 10,000 queue.


Other suggestions also welcomed, but something does need to be done. 


** Forgot to mention, a grace period to log back in after a disconnect NEEDS to be added.5 minutes would be plenty, maybe 10 if you're feeling generous (but the game loads very quickly).

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