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We truly understand your frustrations about the gold sellers and bots and hopefully we'll resolve that issue sooner rather than later.

Up to now, there are problems existing in blade and soul

Just a player own opinion


Now, this is my personal opinion, please respect it.

1. I have first tried the game before release on a private server maybe 3-4 years ago. I really liked it and you know what, during that time, it was an awesome game. Now, after so many years of development? Not really. It could have passed as a polished, classic MMORPG because let's be frank here... the game should have launched MUCH MUCH sooner.


2. Getting into the games first thing I check is the amount of customization, looking at how much things cost in the Cash Shop just to see how much pay to win the game is before I invest countless hours into it. Well, what can I tell you... It's NCSOFT I did not expect anything better... Money grabbin' machine is ON! Everything is made in a way that you have to spend more money. You want to buy VIP? Well, we have NC coins pack with one at 10$ and the other at 20$ and we will price VIP at 11$ just so you are forced to buy more of NC currency! YES!


3. Blade And Soul Gold sellers... Well yeah... it's not possible to talk in any chats at all because all you see is gold sellers spamming it. I am so frustrated about it I am not even going to say more. If NC Soft really do not care enough to actually take actions against them and we see more and more of them, this game has gotten MMO cancer. It's not curable and will take the game with it.


4. Bots... Yeah, there are tons of bots for this game. I couldn't believe it until I have found a couple of free legit bots on usual 3rd party forums. This coupled up with BNS Gold Sellers makes an amazing, magical combo of ultimate MMO destruction and if that wasn't enough NCsoft's money grabbing methods are finishing off the game with the kicks to the ribs.


A player is also given a different opinion


While we want everyone to enjoy the game, sometimes it's just not for everyone. I do however have a bit of feedback for you on your individual points:


1. The main thing about a private server is that it rips of the game developer's hard work so that they don't see a dime for all the work that went into creating the game. In addition, various thresholds can be changed to make everything basically a loot pinata so you may not have gotten to play the game the way it was intended to begin with. Not to mention, we have not yet released all of the content for this game, since it's actually quite extensive to do all the translations from Korean to English, French, and German, etc. 


2. Customization is huge for sure and costumes are a big part of that. The thing is that many of the costumes are also available in the game, outside of the cash shop. So no one is forced to pay for a costume if they don't want it. I'd also like to contend that with us being a free-to-play game, we do have to make some amount of money to support the servers, developers, licensing, etc. And yes NCoin packs are staggered with the hope that you'll want to buy more later on, but again, you're not forced to buy NCoins, either.


3.Blade & Soul Gold sellers are bots are definitely a huge problem. Only having been out about two weeks now, we've done numerous changes to try to  cut their numbers and are still working on even more measures. They're not fun and they take a lot out of the enjoyment of the game. That's why we're still working on culling them out. 


As for fast fashion, the main reason we are releasing costumes so fast is because we have a TON to go through since Blade & Soul has been out so long in Korea and we have to catch up. Plus, I think a lot of players are actually excited to see the new costumes come out and no one has to buy them if they don't want. They're only available at a person's own personal interest. 


Hopefully this has helped explain a bit more on our end. We truly understand your frustrations about the gold sellers and bots and hopefully we'll resolve that issue sooner rather than later.

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